Tuesday, August 23, 2005


In their own words:

“We have high confidence that [the Iraqis] have weapons of mass destruction. That is what this war was about and it is about.”
White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer
Press Briefing, 10 April 2003

"We owe them something. We will finish the task that they gave their lives for ..."
George W. Bush
Speech to Veterans of Foreign Wars on the subject of American military deaths, 22 August 2005

I just don't get it.


Michelle said...

Did you see the pic of the veteran with the "bullshit protectors" over his ears during the speech?? The pic and a link are on Wonkette...

imjeffp said...

Found it here. I want a pair.

Anonymous said...

Let's imagine for a moment Saddam had WMDs and was ready to use them. I am sure everyone would be happy we went to war, terminated the WMD threat, and got the bastard. Our intelligence and foreign intelligence services said he indeed had them plus the prick kicked out the UN Weapons Inspectors before they could find out definitively if he had WMDs. Saddam got what he deserved. And now, hopefully, Iraq will be a successful democracy and a great model to other countries in that region. We may even get cheaper oil.

You want to talk about bullshit reasons to go to war? Here are some...

- Religion.
- Women.
- Slaves.

Don't let the liberal crap on CNN or coming from Michael Moore deter you. Watch some of the more positive news stories for the citizens of Iraq. I guaran-damn-tee you they are happy we came.

Dig around on the Internet for some videos of the beheadings. We are at war to destroy people that do that to others; terrorists.

Making the world a better place is the best reason to go to war.

That is why we are in Iraq. Afghanistan also has a democracy thanks to us.

imjeffp said...

I'm sorry, which prick kicked out the UN inspectors?