Thursday, August 18, 2005


OK, so the view in the telescope doesn't look quite like this picture from Apollo 15, but I'm really enjoying this lunar feature. The rilles have caught my attention--they look just like dry river beds in the 6" Deep Space Hunter. They're much easier to spot than those up North in Alpine Valley.

This was one of the first places on the moon I ever really looked hard at, thanks to Richard. It was one night at the dam while I was using the C6-N, and the terminator was between Aristarchus and Herodotus.* Now, I know the moon is rotating, but it's awfully slow. So I was amazed to watch the terminator move up the crater wall of Herodotus over the course of the evening. Cool. That was the same night I discovered that a 5" APO blows a 6" Chinese newt out of the water. I'm not down on the small newt--heck, I bought another one--but it didn't take me long to discover its limits.

Day 3 of school, and you'd be amazed at the difference in the boy. We're out waiting for the bus this morning, and he's all happy and babbling. Bus pulls up, and he's off across the street, pulling Trudy along behind him. The steps on the bus are as high as little three-year-old legs can navigate, but he didn't slow down until he hit his seat. I went out and tapped on his window, and he gave me a huge grin.

Trudy & I had to drop his supplies off with his teacher, so we beat him to school. As we're leaving, he comes trucking around the corner at the far end of the hall, pulling his Nemo backpack behind--a boy on a mission. We ducked into the corner and hid, sort of, amazed at our happy child. Looks like this school thing isn't so bad after all.

*I don't really know all these names--I look them up. I'm not a total loonie, yet.

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