Thursday, March 08, 2007

NGC 2903, A Galaxy in Leo

I'm both pleased and disappointed with this shot of NGC 2903. I'm happy with the color and the structure of the galaxy, but I'm unhappy with the noise. The noise and the elongated stars are related--I stayed with just 60 sec. exposures because my tracking seems to be getting worse instead of better.

I guess it's time to train & retrain the PEC on the LX200. I also wonder if I'm asking too much from my equipment. I'm using the cheap rail with outriggers from ScopeStuff, so I'm sure I'm getting some flex there. I'm also not convinced that guiding with a 400mm fl guidescope + 2x barlow is working with the 2500 mm fl LX200, even with the f/6.3 reducer.

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Phil said...

G'day Jeff. I have been messing with Noiseware, and it's pretty good for noise removal and also has some sharpness control ability. Used it on a few moon photos to good effect. You can down load it here: