Sunday, March 25, 2007

Honeycomb Sucks, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Trudes recently bought a box of one of my favorite childhood cereals, Honeycomb. But inside the box were some weird cardboard-like nuggets instead of the sweet honeycombs I knew so well. What happened? We turned to the font of all knowledge:
Recently, "Bran Blend", defined as whole grain corn flour and corn bran, has been added to the ingredient list. This addition has also coincided with a near-tripling of the fiber content shown on the nutrition label (from originally about 1g to 3g per serving) and the inclusion of Honeycomb cereal in Kraft's Sensible Solution program.

Aficionados of Honeycomb cereal were able to immediately taste the difference. Post has registered many calls of complaints from Honeycomb fans since the change. It remains to be seen whether this new form of the time-tested cereal will continue to sell well with the cereal eating public.

I fired off a note to Post & Kraft Foods:

The "new" Honeycomb, quite frankly, sucks. If I wanted a high-fiber, "healthy" breakfast cereal, I'd have a bowl of Twigs-N-Berries™. If I wanted a sweet, nostalgic bowl of cereal of dubious nutritional value, I'd have a bowl of Honeycomb. Not any more--you've lost a customer.

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