Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year

We had a Dam good Friday night: good transparency, good seeing, and moderate temperatures. Most all of the regulars except Todd were there, and we had several visitors. I got to spend some time with a family looking to buy their first scope, and I hope they left less confused than they were when they got there.

I didn't set up to take any pictures--I haven't spent much time lately just looking through the eyepiece, so it was a nice change of pace. Besides, I was going to the Ranch the next day where the stars at night are big and bright.

And Saturday night at Linda's started out beautifully. Clear as a bell, and probably 4/5 seeing. I spent a little time tweaking the collimation on the LX200, then shot this image of Mars:

The breeze was blowing pretty good, but I hoped that it would die down as it got later. I came in to process the Mars shots (and have some champagne). I was planning on heading back out to try M1 (the Crab Nebula) with the Rebel, and was really looking forward to a new Saturn with the new collimation.

The wind was actually picking up when I went back out, and what the --? Fog? Yup. We were fully socked in. *sigh* At least I got a decent Mars.

And of course tonight's CSC calls for more of that 4/5 seeing, but there's no way I can stay up until 0200 and be functional at work tomorrow. It's just not fair, I tell ya!

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Tony Plank said...

The family looking to buy would be me. You were very helpful. We are the proud owners of an Orion XT6 now. Having a great time with it thus far!

Unfortunately we had to leave early because the six year old was tired and cranky. But he is enjoying the scope greatly. We actually live in Dallas so coming to Austin was an exception...but we will undoubtably return some time and bring the new scope.