Sunday, January 08, 2006

Dam Mars

Down to 11 arcseconds. Through the eyepiece, Mars is little more than a small, bright disc.

I had camera/computer weirdness Friday--a herringbone interference pattern on the screen. I borrowed another, brand-new NexImage and saw the same thing, so it had to be something in the laptop. Tried it again last night in the driveway and everything was fine. All I can figure is that the iBook was cold, but it's been colder before, I think.

Speaking of last night in the driveway, the wind started blowing. And then it blew some more. And then a little more. The scope, mounted in alt-az and on the anti-vibe pads, was moving around so much I couldn't keep Saturn on the chip.

And the seeing during all this blusteryness? Probably 4/5. I can't win.

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