Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Back from my sister's place in the country. She says all that stuff growing on the field is "Snow on the Mountain;" I say it's a week's work of allergies. The big gob of goo behind my forehead is finally going away, and I think I only left half a lung behind in the shower this morning.

The boy got to ride Squeak and had a good time. It worked out best with me riding behind him--poor Squeakers. She was a good girl though, more interested in eating the yummy lawn than what we were doing on her back. I haven't ridden in years, and my thighs let me know about it that night with a good case of "sewing-machine-leg." Ugh.

The sky refuses to cooperate. Friday was Dam cloudy. Saturday was mostly cloudy & hazy in the morning, and the CSC said it was supposed to stay that way in Brenham, so I didn't schlep the scope along. Naturally, Saturday night wasn't awful once you got above the haze. Clouds followed us home Sunday, and cleared up beautifully Monday night, right about the same time my sinuses decided to go on strike.

Still, after watching the news, I don't really feel like I have a right to complain about anything these days.

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