Friday, September 09, 2005


For the last two nights, the CSC has predicted better than average seeing, so I've had the telescope and camera set by the back door to go out and try again on Mars. It's transiting around 0530 this week, which isn't really that early. I don't seem to have trouble waking up, but actually getting out of bed has proved problematic. This morning I started dreaming I was in the back yard setting up. Yup, it was the classic "dreaming you're awake" dream that seems so real until weird things begin happening. I was putting the telescope on the tripod when Todd came out of the house carrying an eight-foot long refractor to piggyback on top of the LX200 as a guide scope. Which was fine, but I had to tell him I didn't have any rings for it.


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The Infidel Army said...

Hey Jeff,

You don't need no stinkin' sleep. Just stay up until 5:30am. You can sleep at work ;)