Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Cygnus Loop

The visual portion of the Cygnus Loop is known as the Veil Nebula, also called the Cirrus Nebula or the Filamentary Nebula. Several components have separate names and identifiers,including the "Western Veil" or "Witch's Broom", and the "Eastern Veil."

The Western Veil, NGC 6960, is on the left. On the right is the Eastern Veil, NGC 6992. Pickering’s Triangular Wisp is the area in the lower half on the left.

Heritage Park Observatory, Cedar Park, TX
Exposure: 20 x 300 sec @ ISO 800, 10 flat, 10 dark
Camera: Canon Digital Rebel XT (350D) (modified)
Scope: Zenithstar 66, AT2FF field flattener
Mount: Celestron CI-700/Skywalker
Guider: AT80EDT, Meade DSI
Filter: Astronomik CLS
Software: PHD Guiding, Nebulosity, Photoshop

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