Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Gift Idea

OK, I know. It's been forever since this thing got updated. But here's the deal. The Astronomy Gods have been offended somewhere, because the weather has sucked for the last, well, forever. But as soon as that changes, I'm gonna be right out there sucking down some photons. Mars is coming soon.

Meanwhile, the holiday gift giving season is upon us. And I know, you're all wondering, what does imjeffp want to find under the tree on the big morning? My friends, look no further (or farther, or whatever)--this could well be heaven in a jar.



Now, I've not had the opportunity to try this stuff, but Lord! IT'S BACON! AND MAYONNAISE! TOGETHER!

So please, Santa, you know I've been good. At least nothing the grand jury could pin on me. Do me a favor this year.