Thursday, September 03, 2009

Second Jupiter of the Year

A little soft in worsening seeing. The moons are Ganymede and Europa. If I had stayed up another couple of hours we could have tried to catch them in front of the planet. Oh well. Finally got the LX200 remounted in the observatory--I told myself I was going to wait until we got a break from 100-degree days. We may have a few left, but it IS September, right?

250 frames ea LRGB, DMK21AF


Phil said...

Looks good! Did you watch the event two nights ago when all the moons moved "out of view"?

Also, do you use your CLS filter for lunar and planetary work?

imjeffp said...

I missed the disappearance, alas. (But did I really? Did I not see what I couldn't see? Hmmmm....)

No need for the CLS on the bright things. This shot was with the Moon just a few degrees away--streetlights aren't that bright!