Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thoughts on New PCs

On one of the message boards I read, a poster was talking about the new Windows PC she just purchased. There were several replies about "be sure to install a firewall," "make sure you update the anti-virus software," and suggestions for a malware scanner and removal tool.

The poster's reply was "Thanks! It's at the shop right now, having my old files transferred to it!"

All this got me to thinking, "Does this sound normal to most PC users? That buying a new machine involves an immediate need to install a bunch of 3rd party tools before connecting to the internet, and that transferring data requires a professional?"

You see, I was thinking about my last new Mac. I took it out of the box. I turned it on. I connected a Firewire cable between the old Mac and the new one and Migration Assistant moved all of my info over. And that was it.

So, do those of you using PCs really think that her experience was normal? 'Cause to me, it sounds like a big pain in the rear.


ambroseliao said...

If you leave your on and connected to the internet, you have a 50/50 chance of being infected in a few minutes.

MikeP said...

Jeff it is a pain you are right! For those not yet ready for Apple, try Linux. I am able to jump from machine to machine and version to version using a few clicks of the distribution lists and user data files.

Besides, how easy is getting an app in linux, type the name and click install! It's free and on the net; self downloading and self installing.

Bye bye MS Windows! ;)


Astroweatherman said...

Jeff: Your description of getting a new Mac up and running is right on. After 3 yrs the power supply in my 2.33 Ghz G5 blew up. I took the internal drive out, put it in a powered case and connected it to my new iMac and enabled the migration assistant and I was back in business in less than 90 minutes.