Friday, May 29, 2009

Another Modest Proposal

Forgive the divergence, but I'm still reeling from hours and hours of Deadliest Catch last weekend, and I have an idea.

The guys working these boats use, forgive me, salty language, and Discovery channel does a lot of bleeping. Fair enough, it is a family channel after all, even if it is on cable. But I am an adult not offended by hearing grown men saying they're "not catching shit." In other words, I'd like my reality programming to more accurately reflect reality.

For quite a while now, we've had a technology available called Second Audio Program (SAP), which allows a second audio track for a television program. You've probably seen "En Espanol on SAP" or something like that before. Why not have Discovery broadcast an uncensored version of the audio via SAP, and let me choose whether I want to hear the bleeps or not?

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MikeP said...

I like the idea! Who can you sell it to? Cable companies? Broadcasters??