Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Texas Star Party, Wednesday

What a grey day. It rained all last night, and today has been foggy and overcast. The forecast is for more of the same, so tomorrow we're going to drive up to Carlsbad Caverns.

The day wasn't a total waste. I did get to meet Al Nagler, probably the most influential eyepiece and telescope designer of the last 50 years. His Nagler eyepieces, with their 82° apparent field of view, revolutionized eyepiece design. The 13mm Nagler Type 6 I have in my case is the best equipment purchase I've made.

I also got to look through the prototype of the latest in his eyepiece line, the 13mm Ethos. It has an even wider field of view--100°--and is fully corrected all the way out to the edge of the view. It's a jaw-dropper.

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Soccer said...

Hi Jeff,

Sorry to hear about the crappy weather. I hope you get some clear skies tonight. If it helps any, it's cloudy down here in Austin.