Monday, January 29, 2007

Another Look at the Moon

First up is an area near the center of the Moon (well, not the center, but the middle of the part we can see) called Sinus Medii, Central Bay. The three "rivers" caught my eye, Rimas Triesnecker, Hyginus and Ariadaeus. The Full Moon Atlas has more info.

Next is what I call Tranquility Base National Park. I spent a couple of nights at the eyepiece looking for Craters Armstrong, Collins and Aldrin before I spotted them; you can see here how small they are. This area is just to the southeast of the shot above. Again, the Full Moon Atlas has more.

Both shot with my new Philips SPC900NC webcam. Sinus Medii processed in Registax, Tranquility Base processed in Keith's Image Stacker. 10" LX200, 2.5x PowerMate.

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